Research Marketing Consulting Coaching

“Their research is tailored for each specific objective / need, not at all cookie-cutter.
Her years of experience has helped GA succeed as well as our clients,
and we will definitely seek out her expertise again.”

Marlice GulacsikGA Creative

Actionable intelligence based on what your customers truly desire

The fascinating thing about the “art” of research design is that every client’s situation and project is different.  From broad-scope consumer quantitative studies to intensive, highly tactical business qualitative discovery, we design research and marketing programs that are customized exactly to your needs. We work closely with trusted suppliers as needed, such as focus group facilities, recruiting, and online and telephone survey fielding.

Our service offerings include:


  • Research Design and Management (from questionnaire through final report)
  • Focus Group Facilitation (including screener, recruiting, discussion guide and written report)
  • Executive Management
  • Management Vision / Mission Development Facilitation and Consultation


  • Brand Positioning and Value Proposition Development
  • Brand Image and Optimal Identity Development
  • Brand Alignment – Internal (employees/staff); External (existing and potential consumers)


  • Communications Testing – Positioning, Packaging, Concept, Advertising, Naming
  • Project Management

Some types of insights you may be seeking:

Perceptions and Attitudes

  • What does my brand currently stand for in the minds of its various constituents (internal and external)?
  • What is the emotional connection to my product and brand?
  • What are existing attitudes and perceptions about my brand?  The competition?
  • What is the level of understanding and interest in my company/product/service?
  • What are the strongest perceived benefits (functional and emotional)?
  • What are perceived weaknesses and concerns?
  • What unmet needs can my business/product offering fulfill?
  • What sources are used to gain information about my product and its competitors?
  • What changes would create greater desire for my product/service; increased productivity?

Competitive Position

  • What is the competitive set in which my product/service exists?
  • What are the competitive advantages and weaknesses?
  • What are specific opportunities or threats posed by competitors?

Decision Factors

  • What informational needs must be met to generate consideration and increase intent to purchase my product/service?
  • What emotional connections must exist?
  • What level of expectations must be met?  What will effectively exceed expectations?
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