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Kim Yale, founder of True North Insights, has always been the curious type.

Kim Yale, Founder of True North Insights

“What’s this?”

“How come?”

And the ever-present “Why?”

Kim was fortunate to be raised by parents who encouraged her persistent questions, so Kim’s love of asking, finding answers and learning about what is in people’s hearts and minds has always been a passion.

What a shock it was when she recognized that not everyone loves to dig into research data and pull out the treasures within!  And they typically don’t want a huge ream of data (that soon finds its way to an upper bookshelf, never to be used).  People want concise, meaningful insights that can be used immediately, complete with marching orders for the next action steps.

True North Insights is founded on the principle that people in business need understandable, action-oriented research findings.  Customized research unique to their particular needs – not based on “find and replace” templates.  Research that is derived from predetermined objectives so it is relevant and worthwhile.

Kim Yale has been in the research and marketing business for 25 years.  Prior to True North Insights, she was President / Owner of Yale Brand Marketing, a senior executive at Q2 Brand Intelligence (a marketing research firm), and in senior management positions at J. Walter Thompson and McCann Erickson advertising agencies. She has also been Sales & Marketing Manager on the “client side” and understands intimately the needs of driving successful business initiatives.  Kim is also a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, and values the added benefit this provides her in discovering human insights, motivations and behavior.