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Authentic Leadership

In today’s dynamic business world, you are undoubtedly expected to lead and motivate your team, as well as:

  • Navigate through organizational change and complexityInternational Coach Federation
  • Improve performance while doing more with less
  • Optimize working relationships
  • Get results

Or perhaps you are feeling stuck – you’re ready to move forward with your career, but not quite sure how.

Increasing numbers of busy, over-extended people are hiring personal Executive Coaches to develop their leadership abilities.  Often times their companies will reimburse them.  For more information about coaching, please see Coaching FAQ’s.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Kim Yale offers leadership and executive coaching for individuals at all levels in an organization.  The 1:1 coaching relationship uses purposeful dialog to create new awareness, insights and skills to effectively lead while remaining true to who you are.

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“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”
– John F. Kennedy


“Kim Yale has been a great coach in supporting my professional and personal growth these last two years. I appreciate her keen insight and ability to ask questions that lead to discovery and overcoming obstacles.”
Bonnie P.HP Leadership Development Manager

Your Personal Coach

Kim’s 25 years of marketing, research and corporate experience combined with individual coaching expertise provides her with unique insight and perspective that supports and inspires leadership and personal development.

People who have worked with Kim describe her as a deep listener who is insightful, compassionate, professional, fun and results-oriented.

Kim deeply respects that coaching begins with the premise that you are capable, resourceful and creative – a whole person, not someone that needs to be “fixed.”

Coaching clients are ready and eager for supportive guidance (and sometimes gentle nudging) toward a more satisfying, balanced and fulfilling life.

As your coach, Kim will provide a place to safely vent your concerns, offer insight, help strategize options, and build on your strengths while integrating new skills.  As you gain greater confidence, you ultimately experience increased job satisfaction and enhanced quality of life.

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